• to chill out – to relax

  He chills out by listening to his favorite jazz CD and drinking a glass of wine.

  • national news - information about what happened in the country that day, usually found in a newspaper or on a TV news broadcast

  Did you know that the flooding in this area was on the national news last night? It must be more serious than I thought.

  • newscast - a news program on television or radio

  I heard in yesterday’s newscast that price of beef will probably go up in the next few months.

  • to sort through - to put objects in order; to look for one object in a group of objects

  The team thought of many great ideas during the meeting. Now they need to sort though them and select the best ones.

  • junk mail - unwanted mail that will be thrown away usually without being read

  I never give my address to companies but I still get a lot of junk mail.

  • bill - an invoice; a piece of paper that states how much money one needs to pay for something (such as a credit card, electricity, gas, or phone)

  When I saw the phone bill for this month, I knew that there was a mistake. I never called Peru!

  • flyer - a piece of paper that advertises an event or product

  The soccer club put fliers all over the school to let people know when its next meeting would be.

  • stoop - porch and stairs; the area in front of a home’s front door, with steps down to the sidewalk

  During the summer, their house gets really hot so they usually sit on the front stoop and drink lemonade in the evenings.

  • package - a box that contains a gift or something that one purchased

  His grandparents always send him Christmas packages that are full of cookies and gifts.

  • reality show - a television show with real people (not actors) in their daily life or in a special situation that is part of the show

  MTV’s “Real World” put strangers in a house to live together for several months and was one of the most popular early reality shows in the United States.

  • commercial - an advertisement on television or radio

  Although it was only a two-hour movie, it was on TV for three hours because there were so many commercials.

  • to thumb through - to quickly turn the pages of a book, magazine, or newspaper

  As I was thumbing through the magazine, I was surprised to see an article written by my cousin.

  • novel - a book with an imaginary story, such as a romance or a mystery

  He loves reading novels, but his wife only reads biographies.

  • trash day - a regular day of the week when trucks come to collect garbage from houses on a street

  I’m glad tomorrow is trash day since we have so much trash from moving over the weekend.

  • garbage - trash; waste; items that one doesn’t want and should be taken away

  After the party, her parents were shocked to see how much garbage people had left on the floor.

  • recycling - treating used items so that they can be used again

  Does this city have good plastic and glass recycling programs?

  • trash container - a tall, plastic container for storing garbage, often on wheels

  Last night some dogs opened the trash containers and now there is garbage all over the street.

  • garbage trucks - trucks that come to collect garbage from houses

  I don’t like driving behind garbage trucks because they are very slow and they smell bad.

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