• counter – a long, flat surface in a kitchen or bathroom for putting things on

  Please don’t forget to clean the counters after you wash the dishes.

  • groceries – food and drinks that are bought in a store

  I accidentally left some of the groceries in the car overnight and had to throw away the spoiled milk in the morning

  • to preheat – to heat an oven to the correct cooking temperature before placing any food inside the oven to cook

  This cake recipe says that we should preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

  • to bake – to cook in an oven

  Doug likes to bake cookies with his children on the weekends.

  • burner – the round part of a stove that produces heat under a pot or pan

  Does your stove have gas burners or electric burners?

  • to boil – to be at the point where a liquid that is being heated is very hot and there are bubbles in the liquid

  Don’t put the eggs in the water until the water boils.

  • to chop – to cut a food into pieces with a knife

  Please chop the carrots so that I can add them to this soup.

  • to stir – to use a spoon to move a liquid around in a bowl or pot

  I’m supposed to stir this soup for 20 minutes without stopping, but my arm is getting tired.

  • to toss – to lightly mix vegetable or fruits in a salad

  If you don’t toss the salad gently, you will damage the fruits.

  • place mat – a rectangular piece of fabric or plastic placed on the table in front of each person, to protect the table from hot items and falling pieces of food

  Look how much food is on these place mats! It’s a good thing we used them for the kids.

  • napkin – a small piece of fabric or soft paper used to clean one’s mouth during or after eating

  Cloth napkins look nicer than paper napkins, but you have to wash them after a meal.

  • to set the table – to put placemats, napkins, plates, cups, forks, knives, and spoons on the table before a meal

  When you set a table, the fork and napkin should be on the left side of the plate and the knife and spoon should be on the right side of the plate.

  • dining room – a room with a table and chairs where people eat meals

  We can invite only two guests for dinner because our dining room is so small.

  • to do the dishes – to wash dirty plates, cups, forks, knives, spoons, pots, pans, and other things used for food

  They always do the dishes together: he washes them and she rinses them off.

  • leftovers – uneaten food that is saved for another day

  Last night we couldn’t eat all of the chicken, so today my roommate took the leftovers to work for lunch.

  • Tupperware container – a plastic container with a lid that is used for storing uneaten food

  Which Tupperware container are the cooked vegetables in? The blue one or the green one?

  • plastic wrap – clear thin plastic that sticks to itself and is used to cover uneaten food

  At the picnic, he wrapped the potato salad in plastic wrap so that the flies wouldn’t land in it.

  • aluminum foil – a shiny, flat piece of aluminum that tears easily and is used to cover uneaten food

  I often wrap food with aluminum foil before cooking it in the oven so that it doesn’t become too dry.

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