• agenda – schedule; calendar used to write down important dates or events

  Let me check my agenda to see if I have an afternoon free next week.

  • memo – a short document used in business to give information, usually within a company or organization

  She needs to write a memo to all the employees about the new vacation policy.

  • inbox – a container on one’s desk or a place in an email program filled with messages or documents that needs to be read and responded to

  Don’t you ever read the papers in your inbox? I put all the information you requested there last week.

  • to start in – to begin work on something; to begin to sort through something

  If you’ll start in on making the salad, I’ll get the chicken ready for baking.

  • project manager – a person responsible for a project

  Daniel isn’t a good project manager because he doesn’t understand how to follow a budget.

  • conference call – a phone call with more than two people

  In a conference call, it is sometimes difficult to know who is speaking. That’s why people should always say there names before making comments.

  • head office – the main office building in a company that has offices in more than one location

  Jacob is happy about his promotion to the head office but his family doesn’t want to move to Los Angeles.

  • to head down – to walk downstairs; to walk along a hallway

  Let’s head down to the basement and find out why the water heater isn’t working.

  • break room – a room where workers can relax, eat, and talk during their breaks from work

  In her company, the break room has free coffee and cookies all day.

  • water cooler – a machine that stores drinking water and has two openings: one for cold water and one for hot water

  The water cooler is empty but the water containers are too heavy for me to lift. Can anyone help me?

  • on break – taking a short, relaxing pause (usually 5-15 minutes) during the workday

  I often take a short walk when I’m on break. The fresh air helps me think more clearly once I’m back in the office.

  • vending machine – a machine that accepts coins and dollar bills and gives out food, such as candy, cookies, chips, sandwiches, sodas, juices, and coffee

  This vending machine is full of cookies and chips. I wish there were some healthier foods in it.

  • bulletin board – a place on a wall where people can hang notices and announcements

  When she lost her dog, she put announcements on all the local bulletin boards asking people to call her if they found her dog.

  • to pack a lunch – to bring food from home to eat at the office or at school during the lunch break

  Ruth always packs the same lunch for herself: a turkey sandwich, an apple, and orange juice.

  • take-out – food that is bought at a restaurant but eaten at another place

  This restaurant has the best food in town, but it’s too noisy to eat here. Let’s order take-out.

  • lunch hour – an hour during the day when an employee eats lunch, often 12:00- 1:00 p.m.

  I would like to eat during my lunch hour, but I often use the time to run errands like going to the bank and getting my hair cut.

  • casual Fridays – days when office workers are allowed to wear less formal clothing

  On casual Fridays, the bank lets its employees wear jeans and t-shirts, but shorts are never allowed.

  • to kick back – to relax

  After a busy week, all I feel like this doing is kicking back with a good movie.

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