• coffeemaker – a machine that makes coffee by passing hot water through ground coffee beans

  Scott has a very small coffeemaker that makes only two cups of coffee each time.

  • filter – a thin piece of paper that allows liquid to pass though, but prevents the ground coffee beans from getting through

  This morning, his cup of coffee had a lot of small pieces of coffee beans in it because he forgot to put the filter in his coffeemaker.

  • the night before – the previous night; yesterday night

  I always choose my clothes the night before, so that I can get dressed more quickly the next morning.

  • cupboard – a wooden box with shelves and a door that hangs on a kitchen wall and is used to store plates, glasses, and other things

  Please dry the plates and put them back in the kitchen cupboard above the stove.

  • cereal – a food made from grains (wheat, oats, barley) that is eaten with cold milk for breakfast

  I’ve never known anyone who liked to eat cereal as much as he does. He eats it for breakfast and dinner!

  • to store – to keep; to put something in a place to use later

  Where should we store these bicycles? Do you have room in the garage?

  • ham and eggs – a traditional American breakfast of fried, salted pork and eggs

  I’m like to order some toast to go with my ham and eggs.

  • stack – a pile of objects resting on each other that goes up

  When her boyfriend saw that she was carrying a huge stack of books to her class, he offered to help her.

  • waffle – a square piece of thick, sweet bread with small square shapes on each side, usually eaten for breakfast with syrup, honey, or jam

  To make waffles, you will need flour, sugar, salt, eggs, and milk.

  • skim milk – milk that has no fat

  She asked her assistant to get her a cup of coffee with a little skim milk and no sugar.

  • silverware tray – a container that holds forks, knives, and spoons

  Once the forks are dry, please put them in the silverware tray.

  • newspaper – large pieces of paper printed with news and advertisements, usually produced daily or weekly

  We get the Sunday newspaper delivered to our house so we don’t need to go to the store to buy it.

  • to grab – to quickly take something with one’s hand

  He grabbed the child’s hand and pulled her away from the busy street.

  • slice of toast with jam – a crispy, heated piece of bread covered with sweet, mashed fruit

  I usually have a slice of toast with jam for breakfast, but today I didn’t have time.

  • to rinse off – to use water to remove dirt or small pieces of food from an object

  She didn’t have time to wash the dishes this morning, but she rinsed them off so that it wouldn’t be too difficult to wash later.

  • dishwasher – a machine that washes dishes

  The dishwasher broke right before the party and we had to wash all of the dishes by hand.

  • thermos – a container that has a tight lid that keeps liquids warm or cold

  He always carries two thermoses to work, one for his coffee and the other one for his soup.

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