• bedtime story - a story that adults read to children before they go to sleep at night

  Can you read me one more bedtime story before I have to go sleep?

  • ritual - something that is done repeatedly and in the same way every time

  His morning ritual includes drinking a cup of coffee, eating a banana, and taking the dog for a walk.

  • tap - faucet; the metal thing that water flows through into a sink

  Please turn off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth. It’s wrong to waste water.

  • towel - a soft piece of fabric that absorbs water and helps someone or something become dry

  Yuki always uses two towels when she showers: one for her body, and one for her hair.

  • beat - very tired; exhausted

  After working on the report for 14 hours, I was beat and I wanted to go to sleep.

  • undressed - without clothes; not wearing clothes; naked

  You should always close the bedroom curtains before you get undressed.

  • hamper - a container for dirty clothes

  Make sure you do the laundry when the hamper is full.

  • pajamas - clothes worn while sleeping

  My cotton pajamas are the most comfortable clothes that I own. I love sleeping in them.

  • slippers - soft, warm shoes that are worn only inside the house

  She often puts her slippers in front of the fireplace to warm them before she puts them on her feet.

  • to pull back - to fold back; to move back

  When she heard the doorbell, she quietly pulled back the curtains to see who was at the front door.

  • covers - the layers of fabric that cover a bed

  Our cat likes to sleep in our bed under the covers, but we don’t allow her to do that.

  • to fluff - to make something larger and softer by hitting or brushing it

  I can’t sleep on a hard pillow so I always fluff my pillows at night.

  • overhead - on the ceiling; over one’s head

  Overhead lights are good in living rooms and dining rooms, but in bedrooms I prefer a small table lamp so that I can read before falling asleep.

  • to lay down - to put something or oneself in a horizontal (sideways) position

  I laid down the book I had been reading and turned out the lights.

  • to fall asleep - to begin to sleep

  Drinking a glass of warm milk often helps Jacomo fall asleep at night.

  • to count sheep - to imagine sheep jumping over a fence and to count them as a way of falling asleep

  Do you ever try counting sheep when you have trouble falling asleep?

  • to nod off - to start to sleep, often without intending or wanting to

  He was so tired that he was nodding off during the meeting. His boss was not happy.

  • fast asleep - sleeping soundly; sleeping very well; sleeping and unaware of other things happening

  The little boy was fast asleep when they got home and he didn’t wake up as his father carried him to bed.

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