• to get up – to get out of bed; to leave one’s bed

  This morning I got up very quickly because the baby was crying.

  • to wake up – to awaken; to stop sleeping

  She always leaves her curtains open so that she can wake up with the sunlight.

  • to handle – to manage; to deal with; to control

  Are you sure that you can handle taking six classes this semester?

  • covers – the layers of fabric that cover a bed; the cloth material that covers a bed and that keep one warm

  When my husband sleeps, he always steals the covers and then I get so cold at night!

  • comforter – the top-most, thickest cover for a bed, usually made of feathers or other warm material

  In the winter, they sleep under a very thick comforter, but in the summer they don’t use it.

  • light blanket – a thin cover for a bed, made of wool, cotton, or other material

  When Marcos saw Maria sleeping on the sofa, he covered her with a light blanket so she wouldn’t be too cold.

  • pillow – a soft cushion for one’s head in bed, usually filled with feathers, cotton, or other material

  Why do people decorate their beds with so many pillows? I only need one to sleep on.

  • pillowcase – the fabric covering a pillow; the material that covers a pillow to keep it clean

  They bought new pillowcases to match the color of their bedroom walls.

  • sheets – two pieces of large, thin fabric placed on a bed – one to lie on and one to lie under

  How often do you change the sheets on your bed?

  • to match – to have the same color or colors that look good together; to make a good combination; to look good together

  Do you think that this sweater matches these pants?

  • to go off – to make a loud noise very suddenly

  When my alarm went off at 6:00 a.m., I was in the middle of a very good dream.

  • jarring – irritating, unpleasant, or annoying to one’s ears

  The children were fighting during the car trip and their arguments became very jarring to their parents.

  • buzzer – an electronic device that makes a long, continuous buzzing sound, similar to that of a flying insect like a fly

  Many TV game shows use a buzzer when participants answer a question incorrectly.

  • to drive (someone) nuts – to make someone angry, irritated, or crazy

  Please stop singing that song over and over again. You’re driving me nuts!

  • wake-up call – a hotel service that calls guests at a time the guest wants to wake them up in the morning

  He missed his flight because the hotel forgot to give him a wake-up call.

  • early riser – a person who enjoys waking up early in the morning

  Because Samuel is an early riser, he usually makes breakfast for his wife so that she can sleep a little later.

  • to oversleep – to sleep too late; to sleep past the time that one is supposed to

  Sasha overslept and missed her biology exam. Do you think her professor will let her take it another day?

  • to sleep in – to sleep later than usual

  Teenagers love to sleep in on weekends. Sometimes they don’t wake up until noon!

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